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Cross-border Qiao gang leader HK9Promax+ smart watch Siche 525 music recording GPT multi-language OLED

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Key Features:

1. **Chip**:

   - Equipped with the Si Che dual-core chip SF32LB525.

2. **3D Visual Dynamic Effects**:

   - Enhanced user experience with cool 3D visual dynamic effects.

3. **Photo Capabilities**:

   - Real-time photo preview.

   - Local photo album for anytime access and management.

4. **TWS Wireless Headphones**:

   - Supports TWS wireless headphones for a more free and immersive music listening experience.

5. **E-book Reading**:

   - Wrist-based e-book reading functionality.

6. **Daily Convenience Features**:

   - A1 exquisite dial change for personalization.

   - GPT2.0 intelligent dialogue capabilities.

   - Access to an application market for various apps.

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